Why We Exist?


Built-environments for human flourishing.


Ever-evolve excellence in built-environment experience, through perfecting each service task and a management system that is people-centric and the enabler of excellence.


Trust is valued above all else, it is earned each day by genuinely caring for people; whether as provider, recipient or stakeholder; and pursuing excellence in all that we do.

#Trust #Caring #Excellence

Who We Are

CER Facility and Property Management a member firm of CER Ecosystem of Enterprises was born from the desire to start and ever-evolve an ecosystem of people-centred enterprises for high-performance built-environment assets and facility performance. CER was established in 2016 by Director, Craig Henry who has 30 years of physical asset and facility management experience and a network of professionals and service providers to match any client’s needs.

How We Work

Introductory Phone Call
CER engages with you over a conversation to find out what your brief is or to ascertain what problems you'd like us to assist you with.
Face to Face Meeting
CER's aim of the meeting is understand your core issues, the history of your business, your desired objectives and we seek a plan to offer you solutions.
Industry Research
Every solution we offer is informed by update and latest information we source from valuable areas. Every sector of the economy experiences rapid changes and it becomes imperative to stay relevant.
CER will offer a plan of action with a comprehensive strategy to suit your brand's facility and property needs.
Once you approve the overall plan, budget, concept and design work; we execute the blueprint with professionalism and consideration of ideas at all levels.
The Final Step
CER gives you a final presentation of all work done.
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Our Clients and Partners

Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the most well known brands to the South African corporate landscape.


“The only true life currency is TRUST; it is the ultimate prize that any fellow human can bestow on another.”

— Craig henry 

Why don't you work with CER?

With over a decade’s worth of experience and expertise in facilities and property management market, you’d have peace of mind.